Haikyuu HD Wallpapers New Tab

Change your new tab page customize the new tab page to wallpaper tab and enjoy many Haikyuu HD wallpapers along with the various quality of life features such as weather, welcome message, and more.
You can find the extension in Chrome Web Store.


Features of Haikyuu HD Wallpapers New Tab Extension:

* In the upper left corner, you can easily access your favorite sites and sites you have visited in the past.

* In the lower right corner, we have set the most visited sites in the world for you, by clicking on the settings in the lower-left corner, you can easily access and filter the sites you want to use.

* You can find many features like weather forecast and clock in the upper right corner of the theme.

* You can write your name to the theme, you can make it special.

* You can also use the countdown timer, you can set your jobs as the start and end time at the time you plan.

Lastly, you can enjoy these features (and your requests will be added further) for free! Haikyuu HD Wallpapers New Tab extension does not contain any hidden ads.

About Haikyuu:

Despite his short stature, Hinata, our main hero, is a fan of volleyball, but the middle school he attends does not have a men’s volleyball team. However, in his last year, he manages to form a team with no substitutes and goes to the official competition. In front of him comes the region’s favorite team and the boy nicknamed “King of the Fields”, unfortunately. Naturally, Hinata’s team is defeated, but Hinata gathered her courage and confronts Kageyama, nicknamed the king, and tells him that one day he will defeat him. A year passes and Hinata starts high school. Wearing his sweatpants, Hinata rushes to the gym with excitement and comes up with a surprise. Kageyama, which he challenged a year ago, was enrolled in the same school, Karasuna High School, so now they are teammates. Although they quarrel all the time at first, they start to find harmony day by day, and soon this duo starts to hope for the Karasuna Volleyball team to return to the old successful days. Well, training is tough, opponents are strong. The first goal is to get out of the area and the next goal is naturally to participate in the national qualifiers.

Haikyuu HD Wallpapers New Tab Features:

* Weather forecast
* Time and date
* Counter
* Greeting options
* Social media links